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See What Makes Robin’s Pharmacy Worth Visiting

Robin’s Pharmacy and Wellness Centre was founded in 2009 as a community pharmacy. For years, we have provided customized medical support and specialized in mental health treatments. 

Owned and operated by the Milroy family, Robin’s Pharmacy Ltd. is the proud partner and supporter of the Kettle Society and one of the most prominent pharmacies in East Vancouver.

Led by Kimberly Chin, our team of clinical pharmacists and mental health outreach workers provide support to East Vancouver community members, including those who have mild health concerns, as well as those who require daily complex care.

Our pharmacy is constantly evolving our products and programs. We offer the latest in medical equipment, organic vitamins, supplements, specialized medication therapies, and clinical consultations. Kim and her team pride themselves on being the most knowledgeable, engaging, and coolest pharmacists on Commercial Drive.

Whether you need a prescription filled, advice on your medication program or supplies, or equipment for a family member, our pharmacy team can resolve your health-care needs and help you on your way to greater health.

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